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7 months ago

Advice for keeping calm when something’s lost

I keep losing track of belongings randomly and I get so panicky that I feel I become worse at looking for/finding it. Any advice would be appreciated đź’•

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Same here. I get flustered/panicked when I cant find something, and if Im on a time schedule, (at home only) I tend to get angry. I do find my best luck when I can get myself to walk away for a few minutes and calm myself down. The only thing is...there isnt always time to do that! So I'll gladly hear any tips also!


How much do you need the thing this second, if I can I try and walk away and do something else to let myself decompress from the lost/searching panic. Doesn't always work, Tuesday I had a full sit down on the floor crying panic attack because I couldn't find something I needed for my son. I couldn't find it any of the places that I usually loose or set things down... turns out I put it aside in a really obvious place so I wouldn't loose it and freak out. It's all a day by day balancing act most of the time.

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I use a breathing app/website to focus on deep breaths. I also drink some water. That helps calm my nerves a bit. Then once I’m calm, I retrace my last steps

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