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9 months ago

just an update*

So someone invited themselves over with a days notice and I moved so fast to do things around my apartment that I’ve been putting off for ages 🤣🤣🤣

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😂😂my kids once asked me (when they saw me vacuuming)… “who’s coming over?” I said “no one - why do you ask?” They said “because that’s the only time you clean the house” 😂😂😂. Sooo busted!! I had no idea this was an ADHD thing - now 20 years later - I am starting to understand and feel maybe a diagnosis and some meds might help - Lord knows the amazing things I could have done in my life if I had known sooner!! 🥴

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That used to work for me, but now I’m just like, if u don’t like the mess, don’t come over, and live in  varying conditions of cleanliness, dream of being able to just hire a maid, lol

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Short notice visits are the best way to get me cleaning and tidying 🤣

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