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9 months ago

I can't deal with anything , i'm loosing focus all the time.

I have adhd but i can't get treatment. I see dopamine is perfect help but i can't have it oll the time.. i'm loosing myself. Looks like the test i did didn't prove i have it. It became a problem because of harassment and depresion i've been dealing with in the past years. I knew i might have adhd before but i never had a real problem becouse a had hyperfocus for things that matter. i'm an arhitect and i really love my job , i'm guessing now that i always had the dopamine needed though studying for school and working what i love so i never felt disconfort but about my chores or because of autism. Now i do becouse everything is a mess as you all discribe and i think is geting more and more dangerous to not treat it. What do you think i should do?

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If it’s on the table for you, see a psychologist for adhd! They can help you adapt to your symptoms and help with negative self talk and stuff like that. If you don’t have access to therapy there is many online packages (I’ve found some on etsy) made by therapists that can help as well. Not saying you need therapy haha but it has helped me with this sort of stuff so maybe have a look into it !!

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I’ve been taking a combo of over the counter supplements and it’s been doing wonders for me so far. Cod liver oil 1000mg L-theanine 200mg Magnesium blend (magnesium threonate in particular tho) 1000-2000mg Methylene Blue (1-2 drops in water) Athletic Greens (when I remember) Also if it’s legal where you live THC-V is AMAZING for adhd symptoms. I take a THCV/CBD blend in the morning, about 3mg of THCV. Hope that helps some!! I can tell you the brands I use too if you’d like. Best of luck friend!

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What brand of CBD/THCV ? Not sure what it is or where to get it ? We have a pot shop here where I live

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