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11 months ago

Could I do it unmediated??

How many folks on here are choosing to take on their ADHD or other diagnoses without medicating? What is your main reason?

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I was a Rollercoaster out of control when I was on birth control hormones that sent me down a very dark and dangerous path. Medication really freaks me out and I don't trust it birth control and adhd meds are totally different, but I'm still very afraid that I'll be able to tell if I'm still in control if I'm on meds. Had friends that have all been on meds and were super happy after getting off them. Have one friend who really loves them, but hates the hoops they have to jump through every month to get they're prescription refilled.

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Hi! I just got diagnosed with ADHD (more specifically SCT) and I decided to start my treatment with Zooloft, that is designed to treat anxiety and depression because I feel like stimulants are scary. I’m still adapting to the medication so I’m not sure if this approach is gonna work!

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Zoloft ruined multiple engagements/relationships for me. Completely stole my mojo however stabilised my mood always waking up happy-ish.. what goes up must come down I guess. Good luck

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It is not a particularly good idea. It has both ICD and DSM classifications and criteria. It is a disease like any other.

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I don't look at it as a disease, we are wired this way. I don't like to think I'm sick and need to be fixed, but just different and need different tools in life to thrive.

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