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1 year ago

Tips on organizing and de-cluttering

I find I really struggle to relax and or focus when I am in a cluttered area. But organizing it is so overwhelming that I struggled to start. Have you found ways to break it down so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming?

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I usually pick one room to focus on... then I break that room down into individual sections (books, trash, dishes, tools, etc... whatever is cluttering the room, it likely has acquired frie ds of the same genre). I just focus on picking up the trash, for instance. It seems once I get started, it's harder to stop.

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Something I have tried that worked in the moment but I forget about until I suggest it to someone lol is setting a timer I typically set it for 20 mins and it a timer I can see and I try to beat the timer if I beat awesome if I don’t then typically I’m already hyper focused on getting it done and will finish it. It helps me stay stern with myself to not get distracted by going to another room or looking through things I haven’t seen in a while or anything like that. I also have a bucket for anything that doesn’t belong in that area it goes in that bucket for me to sort when I’m finished I also put whatever I want to look through or try on or whatever to the side and my “reward” is sitting down watching a show and looking through my old stuff 😂

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Listen to Podcasts and buy some containers and labels etc that you are excited to organise. Also if you have a space - just create three piles. Chuck, donate (as if we will ever get round to it though) and keep. Only 1 draw or cupboard at a time. No more.

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Find something that your interested and organize it so you enjoy the organization. Certain hobbies so your mind is intrigued while being productive. My hack

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I am unable to even use an area before it is organized as I am unable to concentrate.

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