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It’s really difficult, I put my phone under my pillow ( which is probably not a good thing) and listen to podcasts or audiobooks. I find that unless it’s a funny podcast my mind will start wandering and can’t switch off. Set the timer for half an hour and if it doesn’t interest you, try a different podcast. Recommend funny ones Kurrupt FM off audible

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I use Headspace on YouTube. Their guided meditations are wonderful. If you’re into yoga, I suggest Yoga With Adrienne. She’s so soft spoken it she helps me ground myself.

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Meditation is great - I practice a mantra meditation, it helps focus my mind on something, but it's also expected that thoughts pop in (soooo many thoughts) and it's important just to allow it. Yoga Nidra meditation or Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) is another good one! I also like to do things that I can get into a flow state and not get distracted by my phone etc. Swimming, riding my bike, leaving my phone at home and going for a walk.

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Awesome suggestions thank you.

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Hi i relax with breath meditation. I use 7 mind app

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