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Do some research into Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS). The difference that sets it apart from other sleep disorders is the quality of sleep you're getting. Are you getting a quality sleep once you FINALLY fall asleep? If yes, this is likely what you have. Essentially what is happening is that your brain is still sending alert signals, and when you wake up angry, and annoyed with everyone and everything it's because your brain is still prompting the production of melatonin, and when you finally feel "like your coffee's kicked in" that's just your brain deciding to turn off melatonin production, and finally start sending alert signals again. I looked up treatments. One of them was light therapy where you introduce daylight to your retinas during the first 30mins you're awake along with other times tailored to your body's current sleep schedule . While you are supposed to talk to a professional to figure out what times, and how long to expose yourself to daylight I just can't tell you how much I don't have time for that, nor do I want to make time for that, so I cheated, went on Amazon, and bought daylight lightbulbs for all the bedrooms, and main floor of my house. I noticed a difference the first day I put them in! I feel MUCH more awake in the mornings, And feel ready for bed around 8:30pm consistently since I put the bulbs in about a week ago ... It doesn't stop me from making poor choices, and staying up past then anyway though lol. The other thing you may want to look at is your caffeine intake. I know I loathed the very idea of cutting back/out caffeine, but it's seriously the begrudgingly best decision I've made. Now when I cave and have a coffee in the morning it throws off my sleep schedule for 3 days... If I don't continue the bad life choice cycle of having another cup of coffee the next day or two(5). I did however REPLACE coffee with a cup/go mug of cacao powder in hot water. It is rather bitter so I add a tsp of sugar and some cream. It is Not a stimulant. What it does have though is a bunch of the minerals, and vitamins that us ADHDer's are deficient in a long with prompting the production of chemicals our brains are deficient in, so because it normalizes all your levels your body can run properly, and not leave you feeling exhausted because it's working overtime to compensate for all your deficiencies. It does take a few days to build it up in your system, so one thing I would recommend is putting a scoop of it in your coffee for about three days before cutting out your coffee, and then when you do decide to have a coffee again after you've cut it out put a scoop in it so you don't lose your build up.

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I struggle falling asleep and also staying asleep, haven’t found a solution yet

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Same I have to meditate but mind still goes elsewhere its so hard

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Is the problem falling asleep or not wanting to go to sleep? I stay up forever because I feel like there's still so much I want to do.

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