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How do you handle things when you've already procrastinated to the point of complete overwhelm? I was doing so well this year until the end of May. It's like I used up all my executive functioning ability.

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It's likely that you're procrastinating because the thought of doing the task is overwhelming, and the longer you put it off the bigger the overwhelming feeling gets (and likely even couples with anxiety). Try breaking the task down into several steps. For example, if your task is doing the dishes this usually involves emptying the dishwasher first, then loading it, followed by either cooking, or cleaning the kitchen counter. That is an overwhelmingly lot of things to do. So where do you need to start. Unloading the dishwasher. What's the first part of the dishwasher you empty? The cutlery holders. "I need to get up, and unload the cutlery holders" is a much easier thing to convince yourself to do than all the things that come with doing the dishes. Often it's not doing the task itself, it's the overwhelming paralysing thought of trying to start it! It's called ADHD paralysis

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Dude! I feel this so hard. However Im also BiPolar so I tend to have cycles naturally.... also seasonal changes seem to affect me. So having all that knowledge, when I crash or slow down and not meet my expectations I give myself grace and gentleness.... I find I give others encouragement like that but not for myself immediately. Also I've tried to rewrite my thinking during these "down times" as periods of needing something else such as Rest or Fun.... maybe it's time for a little fun for you to reset your whole self?

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