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1 year ago

ADHD and sex

Does your ADHD affect your sexual life? How do you cope? Personally, I sometimes feel like I have to focus to climax and it's often impossible, which is frustrating. Alcohol helps, but I can't drink every time I want to have sex. Sometimes I feel like everything I do is useless. I will get distracted and no foreplay/stimulation will help me eventually But at the same time, I want to have sex. Don't know what to do.

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Midwest Lady

Turning off your mind to allow you to have good sex is a struggle. I don’t have the answer. My therapist has told me it is a common problem with ADHDers. I’m thinking it is at least for women.

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We are similar with my partner, sometimes we start out of blue with the passionate empathetic sex, sometimes we silently sit together in one room without any physical activity towards each other. He has depression tendencies, and I appreciate his lacking initiatives sometimes; but as we have sex, we never feel like we are not satisfied with it. We love each other even having such mentality issues and we cope with this through challenges that make us only stronger.

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Idk but I feel like I just can't have sex because of ADHD... I think TOO MUCH and it's getting worse and worse. I can't let other people be with me so close because I worried about a lot of things that actually don't even matter...

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