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I always keep easy food options at home and at work: yogurt, cotage cheese, nuts, cheddar, crackers, vegetables with dips, cereals like Life, Oatmeal squares, and protein shakes. I also fill up my freezer with fruits so I always have different smoothie options (eating fruits is too overwhelming, don’t know why)

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Eating is a chore to keep in my mental most times I forget

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After I found out about glucose spikes and the “sandwich” eating method I eat a lot of fresh veggies with hummus, which makes my body feel good 😌 so in my mind that's more enjoyable eating!

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Sam ZT

Agreed! I try to have quick, easy things ready for when I finally cave in and eat. I am trying to get more consistent with it, bc it just gets harder to physically eat if I haven’t in a while. Also, I try to do protein shakes.

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Yeees plss!! I need help with this toooo. Eating is like torture for me 🙇🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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