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How do I get people in my life to help support me when everyone thinks adhd is just “not being able to focus” and think it’s a personal problem and I just need to focus. It’s like, thanks guys I never thought of that

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Give them tangible ways to support you, and don’t attribute it to ADHD. Maybe say things like “what time do you need me there by? And before you answer, at 15 minutes ahead of the actual time” Or “can you explain that to me step by step, like I’m 5?” “That sounds really important, so can you do me a favor and email/text it to me so I don’t forget?”

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You could try educating them with links. If you look up the three types of ADHD the link you find should have 9 symptoms listed for each hyperactive, and inattentive. Look up ADHD paralysis links to send them. Finding influencers on social media that talk about the specific issue you're having with ADHD could help too. Send relevant clips to your support system. Straight up ask them to do their own research into ADHD as it has waaay more depth than the label it got way back when. I had no idea there was so much more to ADHD before I was diagnosed. I too looked at it through the label slapped on it. Then I did a hyper focused info dive on it after I was diagnosed. It was mind blowing going through the info.

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I wish I knew.

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