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11 months ago

Avoiding time on my own

I am lately finding myself non-stop scrolling through the social media and restlessly checking every possible app and I think its because I am avoiding the quality alone time I might need to process some recent events in my life. I figured maybe finding some activities on my own will attract my brain to let go of the screen?...

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I totally agree. I have just gained custody of my 3 & 7 year old grandchildren & I find it very hard to find alone time because when one is at school the other is always in my ear or won’t leave my side (I think he is having abandonment trauma from his parents not being involved or seeing them. He went from being with his mom every day to seeing her maybe once every two days or so) so that sometimes makes me avoid time on my own because when I do a little time to myself I feel like I need to be cleaning or something else to I need to do to get them organized and help them deal with their stress. I do this knowing that I need to fix myself first so we can all benefit from it.

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Me too. I don't enjoy 'down time.' I feel I am forgetting about something or being selfish for not doing something. I have a lot to process in my past and really hate when I am not busy all the time

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Same thing here! I turn of the phone sometimes and enjoy my me time

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