2 months ago

Cognitive dissonante behaviour

Replying on a Post here. I thought alot about cognitive dissonante behaviour on my way to work. I dont want to be mean and call us all hypocritic but are there any things you want to change which maybe are in contradiction to your core values. For me sometimes it is easy beeing helpful and understanding to others and giving advices which unfortunately others could give me but beeing so harsh to myself not beeing able to accept them. Basicly help others but wont ask for it or accept it. Saying things like, there is no shame in asking for help. But beeing like, dont ask anyone for anything. My core value is to be a good Person but struggling to be good to me. To ask whether you have such contradictions would be pretty rethorical, so what are yours? Do you want to work on them or live with them? Examples Hate drugs - Drink alcohol Loving animals - eat meat Love nature or respect street cleaner - Throw trash on the street


About loving animals, I think a big one is loving your pets and hating your own body. Fundamentally, we are animals too and when we show love and care to our pets but are unwilling to extend that self care and love to our own body, it tells our subconscious mind that we are worthless. Treating myself and looking after myself with as much attention and respect as I would my pet has helped me climb out of the pit of depression

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