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1 month ago


I'm thinking of switching apps bc this one is expensive and I haven't had a lot of time/ dedication to utilize all of the features consistently and it's a little too expensive to have as just a checklist. The main reason I haven't stopped yet is because streaks are irritatingly effective on me and I'm hesitant to lose my streak (126 days❗️) to try something else in case I decide to come back, you know? Mostly just wanted to brain dump this but empathy and feedback is super welcome

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$15/mo is pretty great for anything healthcare related. For me, Numo is worth its price… it’s 1.5 prescription copays

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I find Numo also a bit expensive however for some reason, I feel bit more motivated to do things on my endless to do and above all it’s the first time I dare to write about my struggles without being ashamed. It’s the first app I’ve tried for adhd whereas I am out of control in terms of trying apps 😂. Are there any apps out there that worth trying ? ( moreover I have 3’friends with adhd it helps with the months free 😂)

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Too expensive indeed ans not much activity but I am trying to give it a chance...but I do feel it takes advantage over out impulsiveness of paying too much for very little update on content.

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It’s only expensive if it doesn’t work. I agree that £10 a month is more than a lot of apps. But this app has really helped me start to live with ADHD. If your life isn’t better then why would you continue with it? It’s not going to be for everyone. X

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I definitely agree with this 😊 I think if your in - go all in! Invest a little time to getting it set up and make it work for you 🥰 if it doesn’t work, keep it going until you find something else that does 😊

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