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Anything that you can get in an audiobook I recommend having as an audiobook. Take breaks do something that requires you to be physical. I swear I will notice every little thing that I have not taken care of, "look how dusty the baseboards are." I just graduated with honors it's possible.

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For reading/researching, make a dialectic/double entry journal to keep ideas/quotes organized for later use. This single-handedly got me through grad school!

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TIME BLOCKING! At the beginning of the semester time block class times but ALSO block out time to do each part of all of the assignments you have that are laid out in the syllabus for every class you have. GAME CHANGER

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Demon Lady

If your teacher or professor gives you a syllabus, make sure you read it through. There's usually a breakdown of assignments and point values for the class. I found it helpful knowing what I should put my best efforts towards to get the most points and thus the best grade.

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Study and do assignments at your own pace within due date, try not to overwhelm yourself. I know easier said than done! Somehow I’ve managed to maintain an A in both of my classes today being the last day of my first semester 😊. I’m surprised with myself but I did everything at my own pace so I wouldn’t feel so chaotic.

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