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1 year ago

Yall does this app actually usefull? I am new here, just signed up

I feel kinda good about it, feels comfortable but does it actually work for you? Kinda pricy too

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Sam ZT

I’ve found it incredibly useful for the past 3 weeks. But I’m nearly done with all of the lessons, the app seems glitchy, and the price just seems really steep. I can’t decide what to do.

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I like the forum and threads. And I like the cute interface. I’m still in my trial period. Does anyone know if more content will appear under the stories? I blew through the topics really quickly, it would be nice if more content was added.

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I've been using it for about a month, and I have to agree with daydreamer, the fact that we have a social connection with others who have the same struggles really helps me. Also, keeping up with tasks has helped a lot!

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Still figuring it out as well. I don’t know whether I will continue to add my tasks here long term

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I just started too, and at the moment I’m —like you — I’m exploring all the features of this app! Some of the gamification elements that many apps like this add can feel a bit gimmicky, but I think the strength of these apps is not in points and badges (extrinsic motivational factor) but in harnessing the feeling of social connections (intrinsic motivational factor)— that is of feeling that there are others similar to us, that are also training to stay on task so that we can battle the twin adhd demons of distractibility and procrastination together 🙌🏼

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