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1 year ago

Sunday, the day as any other

I woke up very early today, a few minutes before 4 am. I had a great time looking at the sun as it rose. I returned to bed for some reading and had my usual breakfast: one banana, a big glass of water, and medication. It is heavy to start with tasks. I had plenty of them. Numo has probably, the first useful implementation of AI. I know a thing or two about that as I am a doctor of mathematical sciences dealing with that for latest two decades. The way it breaks up q single tasks is helpful, for me, at least. Doing the laundry has six or seven different tasks. I was cleaning the bicycle as well. I fill them just right after marking each of them as done. It is too hot to consume a normal lunch. I made a smoothie, put in banana, maltodextrin, apple, chia, proteins, cabbage, and pear. I had to write some private emails, and I nailed it. I completed the task in 45 minutes. After that, I made a cup of chicory and enjoyed it on the terrace. Quick power nap after that. Reading. Just in time when laundry was done. Music. I put a record from Stephan Milenkovich with calming Pagannini music. And now I am sitting in the park enjoying the fresh air. Great Sunday. I have to ride a bicycle for 45 minutes to get home. It is going to be a beautiful evening. I have to prepare tasks for tomorrow and this week. Great. Another day. Tomorrow I will struggle again.

Sunday, the day as any other
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Midwest Lady

Your day sounds wonderful! Iā€™m impressed with how much you accomplished; some for your soul and household chores. šŸ‘šŸ½

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I struggle every single day. Fortunately, Numo opened my eyes.

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