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1 year ago

Numo 3.1.0: supercharged Squads, fancy app icons, and a new

1. We supercharged SQUAD, all thanks to your feedback <3 - Exit your squad if it’s not fitting you and start from scratch any moment! - It’s much easier now to share commitments, right from the Squad screen - The whole process of matching with the squad is now much more self-descriptive and clear 2. App ICONS. Following recent color themes, we’re adding a new way to customize Numo! Unlock them by reaching new levels. 3. Connect with the largest community of ADHDers who understand and accept you in the new TRIBE - Ask your questions if you’re curious about something - Make posts with hacks and chat with everyone in the comments when you feel it And as usual, we eliminated a few bugs here and there :) Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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