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1 year ago


I was just diagnosed last month. It took a huge weight off knowing something was wrong with me and I'm not crazy. How do I start learning to live with the diagnosis and improve my life

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I love the ADHD subreddit for learning about personal coping methods from others with ADHD. I’ve learned so much on there! Also ADDitude magazine’s website has a lot more fact-checked type information and articles.

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May not be the best place to look, but I have found exploring some of the adhd related hashtags on tik tok helped me with realizing I’m not alone. And some of the things I’m incredibly self conscious about were related to my adhd. Places like Reddit may have similar conversations

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Start by researching what ADHD means and it’s symptoms… there were a lot of things that I did as a result of adhd that I though was totally normal. Once you can decipher what is related to ADHD you can start working on how to manage those behaviors

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