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1 year ago

How do y’all deal with overwhelm?

It’s the last two weeks of the semester and I have so much work to do. I also work from home so I have paid work to do today. I’m so overwhelmed by all of it that I don’t want to do any of it. 

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Liza - Shiza

Also, when overwhelmed, dropping everything and going for a run outside. Exercise helps to increase dopamine and reduce stress.

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Liza - Shiza

I switch on music, take pen and paper and start writing list of tasks. Then try to sort out based on what is most urgent and important. Then start with small urgent task, that helps to break the procrastination cycle. Easier said then done, but music really helps to get into more productive mood.

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Shut notifications, go out and play football

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Turn off the news and other distractions. Talk to your instructors, atleast let them know you are struggling. Start your day 30 mins earlier, go straight from sleeping to this app or yoga or quiet contemplation or prayer. Break down the pile of stuff. You have to eat the elephant one bite at a time! Take breaks, cry if you need to…it’s a cycle and you will get through it. Then repeat it and you will find you will be more productive the more times you do it. 15 minutes of “yoga with Adrian” on you tube is my go to…and when it’s all closing in on you…stop and breath…you can do this!

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Yoga yoga yoga. I could never meditate. Yoga allows full focus meditation with movement

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I use guided meditations to help with ADHD. They are great for me 😁

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Meditation is so hard for ADHDers but yoga has so many of the same benefits!

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Be honest with your teachers. They typically want to help, but they can’t unless they know where you are struggling

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its ok its adhd

Try the touch finder feature of the app, it could help

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write it all down. take a minute to just dump every task that pops into your brain onto one piece of paper, even the dump little tasks. then sort them. i usually sort by “type” first (so cleaning/admin/selfcare. then by priority and necessary time/energy commitment.

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betia sh

Use the 10 mins rule! Just say to yourself I only will be working on this task for 10 mins! Also set your self rewards for each task! In that way you can shift your focus abit

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Gah I feel you, definitely a lot. Most recent things that helped me were 1. Sit down and do a ‘physiological sigh’ and walk to the end of my apartments drive way and back. I just tell myself too “poco a poco” You got this!!

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Focus on the fact the semester is almost ended ! Think about the positive and relaxing things you will be able to do. That will be your reward. Then, one task after another … take the time to list, begin (always .. it is essential) and you’ll be two weeks later quickly. Courage ;)

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