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11 months ago

Task Initiation

I'm an AuDHDer (autistic and ADHD), and I really struggle with starting tasks. Not just tasks I don't want to do-- even tasks like painting or playing my flute that I love are so hard to start. It generally takes me an average of 4 days, no exaggeration, to start a task once I've decided I want to do it, and that's not 4 days of some kind of laziness. That's 4 days of repeatedly trying to start. Any tips for this?

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I'm being for screening for autism and I feel the same way with starting anything. I am a musician and I will often get lost, but I'll still sit there thinking about how I'm gonna start it. It does not take me as long, but I usually get to it when I should be going to sleep at the end of the day disrupting even more. I know a lot for me is getting too lost in not being able to start it which takes a hit at my self esteem making things worse. My friend has allowed me to kinda blow up her phone in those moments ("my phone is your journal" )to process my thoughts in those messages which have helped a lot. I'm lucky to have a friend that's been so present with all this stuff with me. Maybe something like that?

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