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Has anyone here learned a second language? I've noticed that my comprehension skills are abysmal even though my reading and writing skills are pretty good. I've heard of auditory processing disorder... maybe i have it:( -------------- ¿Alguien aquí ha aprendido un segundo idioma? Me resulta muy difícil entender el español hablado a pesar de que mis habilidades de lectura y escritura son bastante buenas. He oído hablar del trastorno del procesamiento auditivo... tal vez lo tengo :(

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I have a diagnosis of "Language Disorder Involving Understanding and Expression of Speech", and I speak 2 languages other than my native English, with varying degrees of fluency. I feel like I struggle less with speaking and producing sound in foreign languages. Over time, when not using Soanish, for instance, in which I used to be nearly fluent, my listening skills have dropped away some. My reading skills have stayed thr strongest. It all comes back with immersion, I've found, but my grammar, which used to be pristine... isn't. ROFL

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I was raised trilingual from birth, but I also have a problem with auditory processing, especially when watching TV, when there are other things going on. I hear everything at once, not able to filter or give priority to one conversation over another. It's very annoying...

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I’m hard of hearing and have learned ASL. I also have an auditory processing disorder and a reading disorder. The reading disorder makes it difficult for me to understand finger spelling. I also have the Duo Lingo app to learn Spanish but I haven’t done much with it. When I learned that I have ADHD, I understood why I hadn’t progressed with Duo Lingo. I thought about deleting the app but haven’t done that either. My son speaks three languages and is learning ASL. He wants to learn Thai and I’m thinking maybe I could try to learn Thai with him. It’s a tonal language and with my hearing loss, I’m not sure. I want to try, though.

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It's weird but I've found a lot of freedom in ASL! I feel like I struggle to hear accents and lack of enunciation so ASL is really nice for that. Also LOOPS!! They've helped me so much with being able to have conversations without the distracting background noises

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I have auditory processing disorder. Makes conversation difficult. I'm currently using Duolingo to learn Spanish. It's easier when I readand write the prompts compared to listening to the prompts and speaking. I've noticed it's more difficult following along with the language when it's spoken in conversation. I don't think it's impossible, it might just take a little extra time. Hey I'm doing it now. Being patient with yourself is key! :)

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