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I have a laundry day every week and I do the laundry only thay day. So, they cannot be a dirty mountain and I know that I am going to do laundy on that day, so I can prepare myself mentally🙂

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I don't 🙄😭

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I’d split it into whites colors and darks that way it’s 3 loads but seems more manageable in 3 smaller piles then a mountain

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One thing I‘ve tried doing is rather than putting dirty clothes on a laundry pile just throwing then straight in the washing machine instead. I don’t bother with separating colours and have had the luxury of my own washing machine for a while, so this might be more tricky if you share one or don’t have your own machine. If you do have your own you could just throw a laundry pod in once you start adding clothes to it, then when it’s got full all you need to do is press the go button

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I start with big stuff like towels and sheets to make the pile look smaller faster lol. I also hang most of my clothes to avoid the ugly task of folding. Hope that helps!

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Georgia Glass

I don’t look at it. When i run out of underwear i take care of it. Every once in a while i have a good day and i’m able to start and finish and put everything away. Those days are rare.

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Throw it all on a table, wash, dry, and fold while watching television. Putting away is hard part.

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I call every day laundry day and even though my laundry room is in the basement, if I make it one day out of 7, I celebrate myself as best I can 😂

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I have to keep it fun with music or something. I got a smaller dresser for my pjs, shorts, strapless tops, socks, bras and underwear. I started hanging everything else in my closet! I used to only keep sweaters and dresses in mine. I found folding is what I hated the most, not the actual laundry part. I also got a laundry basket that has separate hampers in one so I don’t have to sort through delicates and stuff. I can just dump it in and set my reminder/timer.

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Don’t let it get to that point once you catch up - do one load a day. Put it on small, stuff should get cleaner that way too. If you’ve ever tried doing it by hand, you’ll probably realize how much they don’t get out. How we cover most of it up with our detergent smells, and we get new stuff so often - we’re like - not even phased by a little dirt… because it’s spread across many pieces. I get dirty growing and working out, so (plants in the garden) - sooooo I get dirty. Stuffing too much in each load - clothes hardly get clean 🧼 without space for the water to flow between them during a wash. Small loads and breathing are awesome. They even have phone apps for our appliances now. Nanoo nanoo. 🙏🫶🏽🙈🙉🙊🦉🖖🖖🖖

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I take a Deep breathe and start with one small load. I make sure the signals are on the washer and dryers so I don’t forget about it.

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