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11 months ago

How to get up on time?

I’ve tried turning off the snooze, getting enough sleep, moving my phone away from my bed, nothing works. Any tips?

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I use a sunlight mimicking alarm clock and take my meds at the first inkling of waking before I roll over and go back to sleep for a few, then a bit later my binaural beats slowing start with a wake up wave pattern. When the sound on the alarm starts it’s a lot easier to get up.

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Try an actual alarm clock and not a digital one. They're super super loud and maybe place it away.


I don't know if I have a solution per se, but I relate with this so hard 😭 I somehow started shutting off alarms in my sleep so instead of snooze I set like 9 alarms 3 min apart-1 min apart so I can't go back to sleep... Spoiler alert I still woke up an hour late

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I had to experience homelessness and life in the car before I started getting up on time consistently. When you're basically living outdoors, the sun and sounds wake you up around the same time each day. You can mock this a bit by making sure the sunlight is apparent every morning, even to an annoying degree at first. Given a little time, habit may naturally form.

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