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1 year ago

Overthinking, anxiety and depression

I tend to struggle a lot with overthinking most importantly, and anxiety, cuz in my brain I fear that when I do something wrong that people are going to leave, or that they hate me. I fear that in my head I’m bothering everyone, especially when I notice that something is different about them. My boyfriend last week had to give me a therapy life talk, cuz of how emotional I was last week. Over a FaceTime call cuz my reception at my Mum’s house was bad, that i couldn’t have a full conversation with him. And usually I’m actually totally fine when my reception doesn’t work, cuz Ik my mum doesn’t have fast wifi. And I’ve only been with my bf for a month and a few weeks, I’ve known him for a year and few months. But for the first time I actually felt really upset that I didn’t get to talk to him or see him for 2 days. To the point where I was crying for 20 minutes cuz of it, I get anxiety when I’m not with him, cuz I only see him once a week, if not twice. Summary is I just get so scared even to talk to someone about it, my bf was the first person I told about opening up the way I did. In my head sometimes I feel like I don’t wanna be here and that people are better off without me, i know that I’m lucky to have the people in my life. My bf told me last week that if you keep thinking about what is going to happen in the future, you won’t appreciate the time you have with the people, and that anxiety is all self structured. That night with him did make me feel better cuz I really needed that reassurance, and i made the most of that night with him, Making the memories

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I’ve been with my bf for almost a year and have struggled quite a bit with issues of overthinking (creating drama /stories in my head!) , trust, needing reassurance from him. We have both been recently diagnosed (and both in our 40s, I’m 44 he’s 48) so emotionally it’s been a roller coaster but having the diagnosis and acceptance for him having it at last is so helpful. He didn’t want to accept I had it for longest time which was hard as o was so happy to have the clarity. Im planning to read “The ADHD Marriage” book which gives advice and coping mechanisms for couples dealing with one or both partners having it. Hoping not to procrastinate too much as I tend to do with 99% of books! Lol. All the best and try to enjoy the present moments as best you can, your bf sounds supportive and sweet:)

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