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11 months ago


honestly idk if anyone else has this problem but i can’t clean my room i always get too overwhelmed and just can’t go through with it does anyone have any advice for this

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What helps me is to put on some Lofi music and just vibe and focus on the specific task u doin. Don’t really think about the end goal of having it cleaned just be like aight ima jam to this music and do some dishes then when the dishes done u can keep it going and look around and then the first thing u see that needs to be done do it. Or if u really wanna put that one off that’s ok but then u gotta do the next thing u see

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I can’t either it’s rly overwhelming


Hello, Pick one small task. And than walk away (if you can after) I find that one small task turns into a whole cleaning routine. I usually pick something that requires me to go to a different part that might also need attention, to put something away. Usually begins small and ends up completed.

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