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Thank you all for the tips i’ll definitly try Them 😃

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I always set a second alarm 15mins after the first one. It started as anxiety that I would sleep through the first alarm but instead it’s actually really helped me keep track of time in the morning, especially since I tend to zone out and just lie in bed instead of getting ready for the day 😅😅

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I like to get everything ready the night before, so I can almost zombie walk through my morning. That way it’s not so daunting and I’m not afraid to get up and go.

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Sparkle Motion

I have trouble getting started without a deadline, but once I do the first thing, I'm decent about chaining them together, and I use the Finch app to remind me. My OT has recommended a morning playlist because I tend to zone out and lose track of time. If used consistently, it's supposed to help my brain associate my tasks with the songs so I can be more aware of when I've fallen behind. Then she wants it to switch to a song I don't like so I rush to finish my routine. I don't like that last part.

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That’s a good one! I write the steps in a paper the night before and go through them as fast as i can so that I don’t lose my drive or train of thought. I try to make it as such so that I have a safe feeling while doing it, a feeling of power, control and of cozyness. After a while it becomes easier. If i fall of the wagon i try to hop on again, the less judgment the better. It is totally normal

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