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1 year ago

Hack for organised and quick meds taking

I take multiple different meds every morning, the same every day. What I did was buy a pill box that has days of the week and "morning, noon, evening, night" compartments with each their own lid. Every day is a separate box that fits into the bigger box. I ignore the "morning, noon, […]" and use them as "first monday of the month, second monday of the month", etc. Which means : - I don’t have to open three med boxes every morning - When I prepare them in advance, I can easily check if I have enough for the whole month - It’s easier to know what day it is, I usually mark my next psychiatrist appointment with a little sticker - When I’m leaving home for a few days I can just bring one day of the week, it’s smaller than the whole box and I have 4 "sets" of pills (it messes up the calendar but it’s fine) - It feels like an advent calendar ! I wish I could post a picture to explain it better, I hope it was a clear explanation!

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Love this!

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Omg ignoring the morning, noon etc is very smart idea!

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Nice!! I love the Advent calendar comparison 😊 For me I struggled with the timing of my meds - like taking them at the same time every day, which matters a lot mostly for some of the pills I take that aren’t primarily for mental/behavioral health. I also used to use a week-long pillbox with just morning and night and when I was pretty sick last year I found myself mixing up my night and morning meds a few times which was not good. So I found this rotating pill box that they use for memory care patients - it auto forwards itself on an alarm (that is also one of the only alarms that wakes me up every time!) and it’s been a lifesaver. It wasn’t cheap but I had an FSA account at the time that covered it.

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That med dispenser sounds great. By any chance do you remember the name of it?

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