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I'm a people pleaser. Im terrified of being alone so i will tell you what you want to hear to avoid conflict about certain things. I cry when I get yelled at but can be ruthlessly vicious and purposefully say things that I know will hurt (especially if you go there first). I have a huge heart but also a heart of stone. I fucked up my relationship because I lied to my boyfriend about doing something that I didn't actually do, because for some stupid reason i thought it would be the easiest way for him to move past it but it had the exact opposite effect and I hate myself for it. Idk if this is adhd related but my unregulated emotions certainly are. Anyways. Needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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Def a recovering people pleaser here. Means you were raised with little/ no voice, boundaries or autonomy. The older generations didn’t believe kids are whole people deserving of the same respect they themselves demand. So, it’s likely a habit that was drilled into us from childhood. Now making boundaries with my mom is… fun 🙄 But we have to have them. Have you considered counseling? It would help you for sure. I am going and I highly recommend it. You do have to find the right one though

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I feel like it's ok to tell the truth even if you want to be a people pleaser, that huge heart of yours has so much love in it and telling the truth i think will only strengthen a relationship between 2 people

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Thank you for sharing! That’s what we are all here for 😊

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