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1 year ago

40-something moms losing it?

Any other moms in mid 40s feel like your symptoms are the worse they have ever been? I’ll be 45 soon and probably loose my phone 45x a day and can’t keep appointments straight to save my life. I seem to do well at work controlling symptoms but can’t do the same with home life. Is this just how it goes as ladies get older? My meds do help a lot but I think hormones are just short-circuiting everything. Anyone else? Bueller??

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I just had a reel come up on social media, it was a Dr saying that your symptoms start getting worse in your 30's with the hormone changes. Look up symptoms for too low and too high of ADHD Med doses along with symptoms of ADHD burnout. It could be that you need your dose adjusted, or you're having a burnout.

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Yep, 46 and think I’ve been in Peri since about 39. Only diagnosed ADHD last year and only just heading to optimal dose of meds. Feel as if Brain on go slow and just had to leave 2nd job in 5 years due to mistakes. Motivation was starting to come back but having a dip today.

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I attribute my current spastic ADHD spiral to perimenopause.


I’m 38 with 3 kids, I am constantly feeling the same way. It’s not just you and I think not just age. Your not alone momma!

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So glad you shared this! Can't speak to parenting factor, but I'm 42 today, 5yrs into peri, just got diagnosed, and experienced significant all around burnout that peaked a year ago and I'm still recovering. Hadn't thought about hormonal shift! Just learning how ADHD compounds burnout... My best solution/aid for this is intensive exercise, specifically strength training. It's magic! When I'm consistent(😄), life stays on track - the more I do it, the more possible it is to keep doing it... if you know what I mean brain-wise

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Oh yes! I’m almost 43, 3yrs into perimenopause and my ADHD has gone off the charts 🥴 I used to be able to manage it well but I felt like 10 second Tom from the movie 50 First Dates 🤭 I started on meds (for ADHD & hormonal challenges) and that’s helped tremendously 🙌🏼🎉🥰

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Yes I am 42 and feel that I’m losing it. In particular my time blindness and just when I’m getting on top of one part of my life I lose control of a different part.

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