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10 months ago

How to sit down and read a book without getting completely distracted?

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Yeah I also really love binaural beats! It also depends on the book! If I’m not super into it and not focusing it’s either not the right time for me to read or not the right book. I don’t try to fight it too hard.

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I got a little ruler that doubles as a bookmark. As I’m reading, I get a sharp pencil or my favorite fine lined ball point pen and I literally underline sentences that resound with me and/or my personal experiences. I don’t underline everything….just the sentences that “click” with me. The result: an ability to “actively read,” comprehend, and remember what I just read. Before I started doing this, I would literally read the same paragraph three times and barely remember what I just read. Using this method, I can kill a book in no time at all.

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Binaural beats or isochronic beats are helpful for me to concentrate

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Sam ZT

Gosh I feel like any noise distracts me. I’ll have to try it!

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Brown noise is good for focus too 😊

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I listen to them on Audible. Otherwise, I listen to the ocean, brook, or rain on my sound device. It also helps if you're in a mind space where you feel you can concentrate. If I’m squirrelly, no amount of rain sounds will help me focus on that unless the book is something I’m obsessed with.

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You can use white sounds no too laud. It helps :)

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