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1 year ago

New member questions

I was truly hoping this would be a resource that would help me feel more connected to a community. However, my first impression is that this is gimmicky and restrictive. I don’t want more to-do lists or more things to look at on my phone. I want true supportive community. Has anyone had luck with this here?

New member questions
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The to do list is great as it has a timer built in and saves going to different apps for things. It has great resources you can listen to that help you learn more about your adhd and how to improve things with tips and tricks. The community is still growing and I think the app will just get better and better as time goes on. The more you look into the thing in the app the more helpful I think you will find it. And hey, not everyone finds the same things helpful so maybe it isn't for you. That is okay. I would recommend giving it a go for a bit longer, but ultimately it is up to you.

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Hey :) I think it's up to all of us here to make this app a real community! I think the app really has potential and so far it's been helping me a lot. Recently I had a few days when you felt useless and simply bad for no reason and just couldn't do anything and just the comments under my post that others feel the same way and understand me helped me at least a little! Hope it works for you too!

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We’re all isolating ourselves. Be change you want to see. Maybe you need a new squad? Create your own? I hope you can..

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Same! There’s a lot of apps that are meant to help stay on track of tasks. I chose this app because of the idea of community.. but I’m still new here so maybe with time?

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I’ve found people to be very supportive with some of the posts I’ve made here, but I definitely think the community side of the app needs to be developed much more. The promise of a supportive network of people was what I came here for

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