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I understand dogs better than I do people

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Thank you all for the replies. I share so many qualities that you have all highlighted (except for DJing! Sadly I have no musical talents.) My main superpowers are energy and creativity. When I was a child I would sit and daydream for hours. Now as an adult I have a boundless appetite for new experiences and discoveries, and the ability to adapt to them. All I have to do is close my eyes and my brain lights up with new ideas. (Executing them is another thing 🤭)

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If it interests me, I can teach myself how to do anything!

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Experiencing life in so much more depth! It can be overwhelming sometimes, but at the same time I really enjoy seeing, hearing, and feeling so much more than most „neurotypical“ people I know.

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Reading people on the first meet. Like I can tell if they’re trustworthy, shy, loud, two-faced, full of crap, etc.

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I'm not sure, maybe my ability to really hyper focus?

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I think mine could be hyperfocus too. I can be intensly focus it's crazy. It will last maybe (at very best) 3h and then I'll be out of it for the rest of the day. I also think my hypersensitivity comes a lot from my ADHD. It allows me to feel other people's emotions and being able to help them out if needed. I can sens when my friends aren't well even if they didn't realized it yet or hide it well.

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My ADHD superpower is my imagination. I am constantly creating stories and characters in my head, so much so, that a couple of years ago, I managed to write around 50,000 words of an entire novel! Still haven’t finished it though haha 😆


DJing! I think I am a pretty good DJ because of my ADHD I also have lots of Macgyver type solutions to things, finding hacky ways to do things. Is that ADHD? What is yours?

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