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1 year ago

Really struggling with about 500 tasks that need to be done.

Its always house chores! Even if I break it down small to doing ONE load of laundry my brain panics "what about all the OTHER stuff!?!?" And won't stop yelling at me. Then I get so overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. For some reason I always end up in my bed under the covers. Tired

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Try not to think about the entire list. Just say “I have to do —“ then do that one thing. Don’t even look around. If you see something, you will squirrel, and then spiral. You have 1 thing to do. After that 1 thing, you have another 1 thing. And if you catch yourself doing anything else. Stop what you are doing and go back to the task you started with until it is done. Been doing that task too long? That’s fine. Sit it at the bottom of the list and move to your next 1 thing. Just think of it as 1 task at a time. The big picture is always stressful.

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It helps me to think of each task as a separate unit rather than part of a larger one

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You can do that. Even the most minor thing you've completed matters.

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