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1 year ago

Do y’all have any study tips for high schoolers?

I’m going into the 9 grade next year and need to get my grades up 🙃🙃

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White pink or brown noise helps me to study and gives me the ability to understand something I am reading as well

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You have to find what works for you! Sometimes someone will tell you that you absolutely have to study one way because it’s the only way that works for them, but it might not work for you. One thing that works for me is trying to explain the lesson to someone else : you have to summarise it, so it will help finding the most important info, and you will immediately know if you understood it correctly or if you need to review it. I suggest you try different things, flash cards, highlinghting the important parts and making a mind map, even copying the lesson helps for some people. Give yourself rewards and don’t forget to take breaks. Good luck!

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Study music, getting cool school supplies to use to motivate you to do your school work, making lots of lists for things that you need to do and having a diary with homework dates and things you need to do in it

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