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1 year ago

42 yr old. Haven't had an ADHD diagnosis, but did a few online tests

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Same here. No diagnosis as of yet, but everything is starting to make sense

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Same here, the more I see the more I suspect. Highly recommend the ADHDoers starter pack - helped me to identify the different symptoms and how much the affect me. Trying to manage myself better, if that fails I’ll go get tested eh

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Same here, the more I read the more it fits me. I'm not sure if or how a diagnosis would help me, I'm in limbo with it all really

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Same boat. The more I research, the more understanding I get about myself. How did this stay off of my radar for so long?

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Stayed off my radar cuz i had tricks like reading books with an accent so i could digest/understand what i'm reading instead of rereading a cajillion times. Idk it worked until i went back to college. Slowly all my tricks were revealed as tricks. I thought i was quirky. Seeking advice from my professor led to her giving me the "oh yea for sure face" while she said it sounds exactly like her adhd and i should talk to my doctor. Here i am diseased, dysfunctional years later but i got both my important papers. Degree & diagnosis.

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