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11 months ago


I have not been able to get anything done because everything is a priority to me and I can’t narrow down my list. What do u do when you feel stuck?

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Mee to, sometime i just get a swing snd do sll of it. But i want that regeluary

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If you feel like everything is a priority, try doing the due date stuff, what needs to be done before a certain time. Also you can try doing the easier stuff first so you can feel better of adding done stuff to your to-do list :)

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I still have stuff from last year I still haven’t gotten around to it overwhelms me so bad i wind up avoiding it and still NEEDS to be done!! But not to the point it effects my life I’ve been able to carry on but the stress from not completing is is so unbearable

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Lil Leash

I have this same problem. I feel my house has taken me over. My husband even moved out and got his own apt just so him and my step son would have space. 😞

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