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11 months ago


How do you deal with being overwhelmed, when even breaking down tasks into smaller pieces just makes your to do list look massive?


Can you use post it’s for your to do list? Don’t remove the list it until the task is complete. you can write each task on a post it (just on the bottom so it stays attached to the pad) so you can’t see them all. Maybe that can cut down on seeing a long list? Take the dishes for example. The top post it would be “unload bowls” then “unload cups” then “unload plates” etc. As you complete the task you remove the post it to reveal the next task?? You could also do something more permanent like index cards that you flip through?

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That's the hardest part. 😫 currently living in shambles right now. I'm in adhd/mom burnout at the moment. But what usually helps is to do one task at a time. The easier/quicker it is the more likely I'm able to do it. Then eventually I will get the motivation to do more. Just trying to gameify it. (I don't think that's the correct way to spell it)

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