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This sounds good. Iā€™m gonna check it out for my kids ( and me šŸ˜)

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I love it too. I'm on a 22-day streak. That's saying something. Here's some info on the app. Hope it helps. It's an amazing app and has a First Aid function that provides very specific support for panic attacks or anxiety or whatever. Finch is a self-care pet app that helps people prioritize their mental health with the help of a digital friend 2 . The app was developed by Thomas Aquinas Nugraha Budi and Stephanie Yuan, who have struggled with depression and anxiety in the past and wanted to create something to help improve their own mindsets, while normalizing mental health care more broadly 2 . The app encourages users to fill out reflective questionnaires, set goals, and develop positive habits 3 . Users hatch a little bird, give them a name, and build mindful habits to help their new pet thrive 3 . Each positive task completed helps the finch grow, and once it reaches adulthood, users get access to the Travel Agency, allowing them to venture beyond the forest 2 . The app provides a fun, inventive approach to self-care techniques and is like having a virtual pet that cares for you in return 3 . The app is free to download, but a Plus subscription will run you around $40 per year 2 .

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It's the best I love it to!

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can you mention more about it plz

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