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10 months ago

Do I really have adhd?

Hey everyone, I’ve been struggling a lot lately with whether or not I should be tested for adhd and I was hoping some others may have been in the same boat. I’ve been told by family that there is no way I could have it, I did great in school growing up and was a VERY avid reader (hyperfixation..?), but a recently diagnosed friend of mine believes I should be tested as well as we are so similar. I’m hesitant because while I do relate to so much of what I see and read and score high on the tests online, what if I’m just behaviour mimicking and waste a doctors time when someone else could have used it? If anyone has been through this would love and appreciate any and all advise, thank you in advance ❤️

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My mind is just skimming by right now, not reading these long entries (apologies) but girllllll go do the test! Literally same for me but via social media saw a friend posting adhd memes and was like wtf and da da da da I am too

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I definitely get how you feel.. but if you’ve always felt different and like no one understands or has understood you and you actually do the things you checked off on that list.. probably worth knowing.

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I did well in school too! But my doc told me its just because i was gifted and my Iq masked the symptoms as they were compensated (also making things harder for myself), and got diagnosed at the age of 20 (jesus christ) but being diagnosed means you can better understand what is going on and cope with them on a better way, so there’s probably no harm getting screened!

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Lots of people with ADHD did well in school! If you liked learning and liked the school environment, paying attention wouldn't be a challenge. That's the thing with ADHD - if you like the thing, you can focus on it. No harm in getting tested - you deserve to learn more about yourself! You won't be taking anyone's place. Everyone deserves care and support

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Hey there! It's completely up to you if you've been tested or not, but I'd strongly recommend it. I "couldn't have it" (read: denial was strong until I was actually diagnosed at age 25) because I was an avid reader, very intelligent, creative, successful in school, not loud or boisterous, etc., so there definitely Couldn't Be Anything Wrong With Me. Turns out, my doodling while taking notes was my way of trying to focus my attention, my constantly jiggling leg, my need to be "doing something" at all times, my brain never being able to think of nothing, my trouble sleeping, my extreme rejection sensitivity, my aversion to certain textures or actions, my difficulty understanding some social scenarios... These were all manifestions of too-long-untreated ADHD. I'll see if I can find the checklist that helped me. But in a nutshell, if you resonate with what I just said, thrive at the last moment, have a hard time figuring out what to do first, second, etc, deal with executive dysfunction, and/or have a sinking feeling that somehow You Are Failing And Will Never Succeed... You might have ADHD. My diagnosis, and summarily, medication, coaching, and counseling, have been crucial to some huge milestones I've made in growing as a human.

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Hi!! I feel like everyone who has gone most of their life undiagnosed has dealt with this. I know I still go through this even though I’ve been tested and diagnosed. A big part of ADHD in my case is imposter syndrome.. regardless of how well others think I “fit in” I always feel like I’m putting on a show and not really as adequate as others. This has led me to feel that I am “faking symptoms” when in all reality, my confusion was a symptom in itself lol when I first mentioned this to people in my family they laughed it off.. but I continued being honest with myself and trying to learn myself, that here we are 2 years later and more half of my family is convinced they have ADHD (hello genetics haha). Point is, be honest with yourself and your needs all while learning more about yourself and ADHD. There are soooo many overlaps including OCD, depression, anxiety, autism, etc that even looking into those symptoms as well may increase your knowledge. Best of luck!!

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I suspect i may have it too, not diagnosed. I am just following all the hacks for adhd and seeing if they help. You can go ahead and get tested and keep it to yourself until you have your diagnosis and then decide if you want to tell anyone. It’s really your business alone and if you don’t think a particular person will be supportive then you don’t have to involve them.

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