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11 months ago

New friends

Any TIPS for meeting other people and becoming friends? I’m scared they’d think i’m weird or something because i talk A LOT and i’m very hyper. In my last (and first) post i asked if anyone here wanted to be friends but that didnt work so well and im pretty sure the people there think i’m weird too :,)

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Find a place you like and go there and stick around as much as possible. If you like art, go to the art store. You’ll be in your zone and preoccupied. If someone strikes up a conversation it’ll most likely be about art supplies and you’ll know what to say.

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I struggle with making friends too and always have. Since I was a kid, I felt as though I didn’t belong and can’t belong anywhere. I am married now and have kids but deep down I still feel that way most of the time. It’s hard for me socially, to track conversations and jump in to the discussion because they’ve already moved on to a different topic while I was still think of something to say. This makes me feel dumb. One thing that has helped as an adult is by getting involved with special assignments at work. It has forced me to participate and slightly change (just enough) my perception about myself. My suggestion to you is to do the same. Find something that interests you and get involved in a group setting. I think it’s a lot easier to make friends when there is a common focus or goal that is trying to be achieved. My only other comment is that I know HS can be a bit brutal. Just know that there is life after HS and most of the social challenges will be forgotten. If you do join a group at school or after school please tell us how it’s going.

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I struggle with making new friends, too! I talk a lot and often think I get on other people’s nerves. You are welcome here. We are a community of neurodivergents who are open-minded and understanding.

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Something odd is that I got so worried that I would seem attention seeking cause I would think about something that happened to me from hearing begat another person said but in conversation I don’t really know how else to reply so now I struggle so much with actually making normal conversation that I just seem shy and moody now

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Same boat, and when I’m with people if they bore me I find something to do lol.

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We are all wierd here. Welcome! You are not alone.

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