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back to school

im going back to school at the end of the month and i’m stressing like shit. i don’t even want to think about it. i get bullied and called names at school because i’m queer and so many people are homophobic/transphobic. i rlly hope i’ll be w my friends cuz without them i don’t think i’ll survive…

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So I was the outside person that if I would see someone get bullied I would step in and bully the bullies! I’m not sure what your likes are but you have to get your confidence up so that you could care less about what the hell anyone has to say or think. You are a beautiful person and anyone who cannot accept you then it’s a personal issue within g themselves and has no bearing on your life. I would suggest if you can get start taking either martial arts or kickboxing classes or capoeira to get your self defense skills up. I can tell you when you get your body to become physically strong and you know you can defend yourself you will not allow bully’s to bully you because not only will your conference in yourself be up, you also know you can kick someone’s a** if they try you. I always recommend self defense for all so you if anyone ever get stupid in life you will be prepared. Keep going do not let negativity make you unhappy in your own life it’s lies of the enemy. Wishing you a different storyline this school year. Sending out peace, love, and light to you on your journey.

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Know that although school can suck! You are loved and an amazing person! I think everything about you brings light to others and color into the world where it is much needed. Keep being you because the right people will love you and the wrong people will envy you [although it comes out as hate, it's really just their anger from the pain they have to experience not being able to be as open and free as you are] who knows maybe they are also but don't feel safe enough for to outlying reasons to come out. 💚 I know this doesn't help you feel better but, i promise you, there are so many people out there and here that love you for you, 100% you!

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Sorry to hear that! You deserved to be respected and loved

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