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9 months ago

Almost unemployed

I struggle so much with my new role that requires A LOT of critical thinking that a few times I’ve almost lost my job. Stressful

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I can relate. I’m petrified for anyone in my work world to know about my mental illnesses. On one hand I know it could explain a lot of my struggles to them, but I’m so ashamed. I feel like my world is cloaked in shame. Some days I’m shocked that I still have such a good job, then I feel like such an imposter. Everyone thinks I’m this normal, functioning person with an admirable job, but on the inside I’m barely clinging on


My struggles have been so bad that I’ve started working from home because people just completely overwhelmed me into being pretty much a homebody . If you need to maintain your mental health there’s so many work from anywhere jobs nowadays that you could potentially work remotely for yourself. It’s the route I’ve had to take and it’s been a relief not having the stress of constantly worrying about losing my job. Hope this helps 🙂

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ADHD is a disability. File that with your manager or HR so they can make accommodations for you. i used to have a 5 minute break every hour. Lots of things are possible with the ADA

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Sorry to hear that. Job changes are tough for me.

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