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9 months ago

Is there anyone else who also suffer from stress related pain?

My adhd (and my daughters adhd) provokes a lot of stress for me and I have ended up in such bad shape that I need physiotherapy once a week due to migraines, dizziness, back-, neck- and shoulder- pain. When they recommended me to try meditation I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. And I actually tried… but it was impossible to relax with a hyperactive 6year old next to me… 😅 Is anyone practicing meditation in movement or have advice of how to do meditation with kids? 💚

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Funny story, I get that same pain pattern. I find a lot of it is subconscious tensing from either being underwhelmed or overwhelmed. And some of it is hunger headaches because, even after nutrition coaching, I can’t seem to ever be hungry or eat like a normal human. Like my idea of lunch is Turkey slices thrown on lettuce, or chips and guacamole. Something real basic that requires 0 thinking.

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My meditation in motion is knitting. If I can knit then I can keep my mouth shut and listen. Walking a Labyrinth helps if nothing else will. You may be able to Google ones in your city or near you. Going for a walk with your daughter or taking her to a park nearby to play and burn up some energy.

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I deal with constant headaches, fibromyalgia, depression, and chronic fatigue, which all amplify my ADHD symptoms. Meditation is extremely difficult for me since sitting still in silence makes me more aware of my pain (especially the dancing nerves sensation from fibro). I’ve found that healthy distracting activities help me. I really enjoy Lego kits that I can use to brighten my space - flowers, succulents, seasonal decor (pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.), and so on. The act of focusing on a fun task takes my mind off the stress and I feel accomplished when the kit is completed (dopamine boost!). And, I have something to keep or give away that’s cute. You can find kits for all age groups. Perhaps your six year old would enjoy building her own kit while you build yours? If budget is a stress, I buy off-brand building kits that are much cheaper and just as good.

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I found meditation in movement working best for me! Also - less stimuli = less overheated brain. Invest in good noise-cancellation headphones and try the Endel app for calming scenarios (I've been using it for two years now, it's the best). Hope that helps somehow!

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