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1 year ago

Can’t get to sleep and don’t wanna get up

Anyone else constantly tired but then struggle to get to sleep? I always get stuck on my phone the I hate getting up in the morning and repeat the same cycle every day 🤯😴

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I use the app blocker so I can't access the app for a certain period of time.

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That not a bad idea

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I used to have a bedtime ritual that helped a lot. I’d always cream and massage my feet lol, take a melatonin I like 3mg sublingual minty ones, nature wave sounds, eye mask, drink some water.. but I’m totally off it atm and struggling to get to bed at a decent hour. I absolutely love dreaming though so it’s worth getting my good sleep back!! 🥱😴

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I’m an insomniac so I suffer this too! But I started using this sleep story app that kinda helps when I remember to use it!

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I have the same problem, my psych put me on Mirtazapine for anxiety and as a sedative at night and Sertraline in the morning. I can’t go on any ADD meds until I get the anxiety under control 🙁 I spend way too much time on my phone at night too even though I know I shouldn’t. It’s a hard habit to break!

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Unfortunately, that’s a typical symptom of the condition. The only thing that has helped me is hydroxyzine, which is like a prescription strength Benadryl. It also helped me with chronic hives which are caused by anxiety. In the morning, I have a ritual,as well. I have 2 alarms set. The first one is to take my adderall, the second alarm (1-2 hours) later, is to get up. This helps me. I wish I had a natural sleep pattern, but for me, this is the only thing that works.

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Both my previous and current jobs are absolutely exhausting, but still…there ain’t no tired, like an ADHD tired.

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To get better with my sleep patterns, I deleted TikTok and I try to spend less time on Insta. I am barely speaking with my friends and family on messenger apps, so one more thing that might have me stuck with it instead of sleeping is LOL Wild Rift. Also, memes… but I sincerely try to get rid of such a habit. Wish you were okay with getting it accomplished soon!

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Hello. I used to be on my phone or watch TV until the last moment I could fall asleep. I relied on melatonin every night. Now I listen to shower or thunderstorm sounds on YouTube every night and fall asleep fine on my own. There's a black screen version of everything. Hope this helps.

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Hey! That's definitely frustrating. Have you tried eliminating any type of screen time an hour before bed? It's so easy to get caught up in the scroll, I've been there! Your phone is over stimulating your brain and it's disrupting your natural sleep pattern. I recommend putting your phone on the opposite side of your bedroom and read a book or do some light restorative stretches before bed. Also consume a light snack, like some Greek yogurt and some berries. This will help your body fall asleep quickly. I hope this helps!

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Me: reading this at 11:36 pm, scrolling through my phone for 2 hours, while I should be asleep and my brain goes like „oh Jeah - sounds like a really helpful tip for tomorrow I guess - let’s keep on scrolling while we forget about it ok?“ 😂

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