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10 months ago

Book bag to carry

Who besides me needs to have a book bag to carry with them for their special items that help them get through their day?

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monkey girl

Yes I have a mini backpack that I put fidget toys and other things

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I use a backpack. I have a book I’m reading, my journal, my sketch book, pens & pencils, fidgets, and crunchy snacks. I also carry a water bottle. I feel better having them even if I end not needing them.

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I have to have some kind of snacks with me crunchy or soft anywhere I go when I am away from home

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Are cravings for crunchy snacks actually a thing?? I often have a strong urge to bite something textured- Walnuts, cereal loops (cornflakes ain’t enough lol), cookies, wafers, chunky chocolate with crunchy bits/nuts .. it’s really bad! The worst is what most of the time it will be something sweet! Because there are more sweet than savory crunchy snacks- ain’t it? Savory snacks I can think of world be crispy bread, carrots, asia crackers, potato chips and maybe saltsticks.. and nuts of course I even have some kind of “chomping anger”, often in the morning..I must admit I also wear a grinding teeth guard against bruxism, and if I don’t have something crunchy to bite down or chewing gum available, I will subconsciously start pressing my teeth onto together, which is annoying and very exhausting

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Yess! I have a whole set of stuff that i occasionally need e.g. phone chargers , umbrellas, sanitary towels, grounding tools etc. and two sets of earphones just in case i need it someday

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I have my “just in case” bag! It’s anything I could POSSIBLY do (for whatever the scenario playing on repeat in my head could happen…) even though it usually doesn’t. 😄

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I bring everything and I literally mean everything I can possibly think of with me if I don’t I am totally lost and I get upset


Hahaha I bring my journal, my reading book, my planner, my iPad and all my fidget toys to work 😂

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I totally get this. If I don't pack at least three 3,721 options for things to do "just in case", I get super nervous. Usually, I end up using zero of the things I've packed.

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