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11 months ago

How to get around adhd but not severe enough for diagnosis

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Try a second opinion or reflect on how much it actually affects your day to day life! For me I still discover things that frustrate me every day that are because of my adhd. It’s crazy how much my adhd symptoms affect every aspect of my life and it helps to reflect and research to see the extent. I’ve found out so many things that I thought where normal that are def not part of the neurotypical experience haha but yeah

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For me the same: i had very good workarounds and used my hyperfocus very well without knowing. But because of my auto immune ilness my ADHD became my severe recent years and I did not have a system anymore for getting things done. If your symptoms are hindering your dat to dat live, that should be enough for diagnosys right? Hindering normal live is one of the basic criteria of the diagnosis. Maybe just try another psychologist? (And this time exagerate your symptoms a little?, maybe you are just to modest) For me to cope with ADHD 2 things were essential: medication and reading the book ‘atomic habits’. The way I see it: medication is essential. ADHD is just a lack of dopamine. No tricks or coaching can fix this. The second is building a good ‘system of habits’: by using automatic habits instead of discipline to kickstart yourself to get things done, while not using the scarce dopamine in your brain

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It might not look "severe" enough for you but that can all change easily. I mostly had positive symptoms for decades and I'm struggling like hell now, better to learn to deal with it now before it gets more "severe"

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