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1 year ago

Getting yourself started on a task

Hey folks, is there any trick you use to get started doing something (even if you really want it but still postpone / get distracted by other stuff/ decided to do other things first) that you found out yourself work for you (which thus do not come from the course about procrastination on this app)? Thanks a bunch! 😃🙌🏻💪🏼🙏🏻😊

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Break it down to the smallest steps. So small your brain doesn’t try to talk you out of it. For exercise, start with put on shoes.

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When I have a bajilion things to do it write at most 5 unrelated tasks that small I have to get don’t that week. I can’t do any household tasks but those. And i can’t add tasks till all five are done. This makes it so whenever i think about another task that I am procrastinating I think “no I’m not procrastinating that task I’m procrastinating my fridge tasks” making it so all my attention is only those so I end up doing them out of spite….. short answer do it out of spite

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Do 10 minutes. I find I can agree with myself that 10 minutes (5 on a bad day) isn’t a long time and I can do that… then if after 10 mins I want to stop, I can. I even set my timer. After that time I’m usually hooked into it so it gets done. (I haven’t done the course so I dont know if this is one of the suggestions.)

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This was in one of the procrastination videos on here

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Task initiation is so hard for me so I’m keen to here what people say!

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