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11 months ago

Need to organize my dumpster fire of a craft bin so it’s functional 😌

I’ve had my jewelry making supplies sitting on my living room floor for week. I keep saying I’m going to organize them into containers with sections. I’d like to have it done and this doom pile gone by the weekend! Tired of looking at it.

Need to organize my dumpster fire of a craft bin so it’s functional 😌
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I need to do this too. I need to be honest with myself and get rid of things I’m no longer working on!

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I won’t lie. I bit the bullet and hired a professional organizer! Worth it to me!

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I feel your pain. I keep buying stuff and then finding I had it already.

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I JUST had to do this with my art supplies. I organized by category as well, and only let the essentials remain out in my small corner. And now that it’s clean and organized it’s really simple for me to reset the corner each night back to it’s organized state. I am a littler nervous I’ll forget all about the supplies I organized and put away though 😅 You’ve got this! I think the most challenging part is starting bc it feels so overwhelming to visualize where everything needs to go. If your stuck just pull out the smallest easiest things to give a home. Then it might get easier to move on the bigger items that taunt you.

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I have the same issue! I find I do so much better with fewer categories. Like one box for findings/chains and one box for beads and one for tools. So three boxes total. Crafting is so fun but….i have a huge collection of a LOT of crap now haha.

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Wish I even got that far most the time haha. You got this! Big bet that it will look awesome afterwards!

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