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i’m a third year pediatrics resident, going on to neuropeds next year. spent my entire graduation with undiagnosed adhd, and all i had for study methods was leaving everything to the last minute and then using the adrenaline to hyperfocus and study everything at once, lol. however, with time and now diagnosed and treating, what i found that was actually more useful was using my time at internships and at school to study in public spaces; studying in libraries and spaces dedicaded to work; studying with a buddy; associating study with something interesting to me - to me, i’ll either illustrate my notebook with drawings related to the theme, or i’ll knit while watching online classes at home, because these are things that i really like to do and it helps to stimulate me while i’m studying, and i’ll focus for longer. still, each person learns more easily a certain way, so you’ll also have to get to know yourself to figure out what works best for you :)

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I’m a third year IM resident! What worked for me in Med school was switching up my study environment often and setting timers. I can do anything for 15 minutes. I started with the pomodoro technique which really seemed to help. Also I am a kinesthetic learner, so printing notes and highlighting was very helpful for me. Standing desk was a game changer. And while I fielded Med school without medications bc I wasn’t diagnosed until third year, I would not recommend this strategy. Good luck!!

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I found that if I read something, I would be more likely to take in the information. I did my degree online and lectures were a waste of time with my learning style. If someone is talking 'at' me, they have 2 minutes before I zone out. I figured out my learning style, took plenty of movement breaks and would carve out the 48 hours before an assignment was due by buying all the food I needed and cancelled all plans. I would wear my most comfortable pyjamas and reward myself with coffee. There were times I struggled with certain subjects, if it was boring I had to try to get my brain 'excited ' so it would engage. Not sure what your hyperfocus is like but once I started typing, it kicked in.

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